Tuesday, December 31, 2013

List of January 2014 MOOCs

Here is the list of free courses that start in January 2014 on coursera, edx, udacity, MongoDB, Stanford@openEdX, Canvas Network, NovoED, open2study, FutureLearn, iversity, University of Oklahoma@Janux.ivmooc, spanishMOOC by categories from US and international institutions (Total 218).
Happy Learning in a Happy New Year!

Art, Design, Music
Write Like Mozart: An Introduction to Classical Music Composition2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Critical listening for studio production2014-01-13EnglishFutureLearn
World Music (WMUS)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
The Art of Photography (PHOT)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Roman Architecture2014-01-16EnglishCoursera
Early Renaissance Architecture in Italy: from Alberti to Bramante2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
UT.8.01x: Jazz Appreciation2014-01-21EnglishEdX
Introduction to Improvisation2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Introduction to Music Production2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Introduction to Guitar2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Introduction to Computational Arts: Processing2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
What is Music?: Finding Your Song2014-01-27Englishcanvas.net
BCM-MB110x: Introduction to the Music Business2014-01-27EnglishEdX
Biology and Life Sciences
Introduction to Genetics and Evolution2014-01-03EnglishCoursera
Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Introduction to forensic science2014-01-06EnglishFutureLearn
Computational Neuroscience2014-01-10EnglishCoursera
Computational Molecular Evolution2014-01-13EnglishCoursera
EP101: Environmental Physiology: Your Body in the World 2014-01-13EnglishStanford@OpenEdX
Practical Importance of Human Evolution2014-01-13EnglishJanux
The Human Body as a Machine (HBAM)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Human Evolution: Past and Future2014-01-21EnglishCoursera
Introductory Human Physiology2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Business and Management
Decision Skills: Power Tools to Build Your Life 2014-01-06EnglishNovoED
Foundations of Business Strategy2014-01-13EnglishCoursera
Content Strategy for Professionals: Engaging Audiences for Your Organization2014-01-13EnglishCoursera
Critical Perspectives on Management2014-01-13EnglishCoursera
Subsistence Marketplaces2014-01-13EnglishCoursera
Principles of Project Management (ProjMgt)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Sports and Recreation Management (SportRec)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Strategic Management (StratMgt)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Writing for the Web (WriteWeb)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Big Data for Better Performance (BigData)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Introduction to Business in Asia (BusAsia)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Introduction to Enterprise Architecture (EntrArch)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Online Advertising (OnlineAd)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Innovation for Powerful Outcomes (Innovate)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Agriculture and the World We Live In (Agri)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Leadership: Identity, Influence and Power (LEAD)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Entrepreneurship and Family Business (Entp)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Introduction to Communication Science2014-01-15EnglishCoursera
Storytelling for Change2014-01-15EnglishNovoED
Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, Part I2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
What’s Your Big Idea?2014-01-21EnglishCoursera
Mobile Health Without Borders 2014-01-27EnglishNovoED
Creating an Ethical Corporate Culture2014-01-27Englishcanvas.net
Analytical Chemistry2014-01-13EnglishCoursera
Chemistry of Beer2014-01-13EnglishJanux
Chemistry – Building Blocks of the World (Chemistry)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Introduction to Chemistry2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
Statistical Molecular Thermodynamics2014-01-21EnglishCoursera
Advanced Chemistry2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
College Preparation
Preparing for uni2014-01-20EnglishFutureLearn
College Foundations: Reading, Writing, and Math2014-01-27Englishcanvas.net
Computer Science
Data Wrangling with MongoDBJanuary 2014EnglishUdacity
Intro to Data ScienceJanuary 2014EnglishUdacity
CS50x: Introduction to Computer Science2014-01-01EnglishEdX
Heterogeneous Parallel Programming2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Cryptography I2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Introduction to Computer Networks2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Information Theory2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Introduction to Databases2014-01-07EnglishStanford@openEdX
Discrete Inference and Learning in Artificial Vision2014-01-10EnglishCoursera
Artificial Intelligence Planning2014-01-13EnglishCoursera
Computer Vision2014-01-13EnglishCoursera
Game Theory II: Advanced Applications2014-01-13EnglishCoursera
Power and Elegance of Computational Thinking2014-01-13EnglishJanux
Introduction to Computer Programming2014-01-13EnglishJanux
Concepts in Game Development (GamesDev)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Web Engineering II: Developing Mobile HTML5 Apps2014-01-17Englishiversity
Control of Mobile Robots2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
Programming Handheld Systems with Android2014-01-21EnglishCoursera
Networking: Introduction to Computer Networking2014-01-21EnglishStanford@openEdX
Introduction to Cybersecurity2014-01-27Englishcanvas.net
Algorithms, Part I2014-01-31EnglishCoursera
Education and Teaching
Tinkering Fundamentals: Integrating Making Activities into Your STEM ClassroomJanuary 2014EnglishCoursera
Coaching Teachers: Promoting Changes that Stick January 2014EnglishCoursera
K-12 Blended & Online Learning2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Administration of Adult and Higher Education2014-01-13EnglishJanux
Teaching Adult Learners (WPTrain)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Education in a Changing World (EduChnge)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Becoming a Confident Trainer (ConfTrnr)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Early Childhood Education (EChldEdu)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Designing Resilient Schools2014-01-14Englishiversity
Surviving Your Rookie Year of Teaching: 3 Key Ideas & High Leverage Techniques2014-01-24EnglishCoursera
Foundations of Teaching for Learning 1: Introduction2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Inquiry Science Learning: Perspectives and Practices 3 - Science Content Survey2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Advanced Instructional Strategies in the Virtual Classroom2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Becoming a Dynamic Educator2014-01-27Englishcanvas.net
Badge 101: The Discovery of Badging2014-01-27Englishcanvas.net
Teaching Library Research Strategies2014-01-27Englishcanvas.net
Linear Circuits2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Mobile Robotics (ROBO)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Mining Engineering (MEng)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Image and video processing: From Mars to Hollywood with a stop at the hospital2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
CVX101: Convex Optimization2014-01-21EnglishStanford@openEdX
UT.6.01x: Embedded Systems - Shape The World2014-01-22EnglishEdX
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Laboratory2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Concepts in Nanotechnology2014-01-27Englishcanvas.net
Finance and Economics
The Power of Macroeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
The Power of Microeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Ec1011x: Principles of Economics with Calculus2014-01-07EnglishEdX
Intro to Accounting2014-01-13Englishcanvas.net
Financial Planning (FinPlan)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Financial Literacy (FinLitrc)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Diagnosing the Financial Health of a Business (FinHlth)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Microeconomics Principles2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
Monte Carlo Methods in Finance2014-01-20Englishiversity
Financial Engineering and Risk Management Part II2014-01-26EnglishCoursera
Making Better Group Decisions: Voting, Judgement Aggregation and Fair Division2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Introduction to Strategic Thinking2014-01-27Englishcanvas.net
Gerenciamento de Finanças Pessoais2014-01-27Portuguesecanvas.net
Health and Medicine
Useful Genetics Part 22014-01-03EnglishCoursera
Drugs and the Brain2014-01-04EnglishCoursera
Medical Neuroscience2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
How Viruses Cause Disease2014-01-09EnglishCoursera
Child Nutrition and Cooking2014-01-13EnglishCoursera
Food, Nutrition & Your Health (FoodHlth)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Introduction to Nursing in Healthcare (IntroNur)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Foundations of Psychology (IntroPsy)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Understanding Common Diseases (UCD)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Emergency Management (EMG)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Midwifery (MDWF)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
Inside cancer2014-01-20EnglishFutureLearn
CHEM181x: Food for Thought2014-01-22EnglishEdX
Introduction to Pharmacy2014-01-23EnglishCoursera
WomensHealth: International Women's Health & Human Rights2014-01-24EnglishStanford@openEdX
An Introduction to the U.S. Food System: Perspectives from Public Health2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Equine Nutrition2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Disaster Preparedness2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Understanding Research: An Overview for Health Professionals2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Good brain, bad brain: basics2014-01-27EnglishFutureLearn
Health for All Through Primary Care2014-01-29EnglishCoursera
Humanities and Social Studies
法与社会 Law and Society2014-01-01ChineseCoursera
SW12.2x: China (Part 2): The Creation and End of a Centralized Empire2014-01-02EnglishEdX
Terrorism and Counterterrorism: comparing theory and practice2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
HDS1544.1x: Early Christianity: The Letters of Paul2014-01-06EnglishEdX
COMM220UWx: Introduction to Public Speaking2014-01-07EnglishEdX
Think Again: How to Reason and Argue2014-01-13EnglishCoursera
Modern European Mysticism and Psychological Thought2014-01-13EnglishCoursera
Introduction to Psychology as a Science2014-01-13EnglishCoursera
Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy2014-01-13EnglishCoursera
Native Peoples of Oklahoma2014-01-13EnglishJanux
Understanding and Detecting Deception2014-01-13EnglishJanux
History of Science to the Age of Newton2014-01-13EnglishJanux
Civil Rights and Civil Liberties2014-01-13EnglishJanux
Introduction to Sociology2014-01-13EnglishJanux
General Semantics: An Approach to Effective Language Behavior2014-01-13Englishcanvas.net
Shakespeare's Hamlet: text, performance, and culture2014-01-13EnglishFutureLearn
Becoming Human: Anthropology (BeHuman)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Understanding the Origins of Crime (OrigCrim)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Indigenous Studies: Australia and New Zealand (INDG)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
The Modern World: Global History since 17602014-01-14EnglishCoursera
AI12.2x: Poetry in America: Whitman2014-01-15EnglishEdX
Critical Thinking in Global Challenges2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
Sports and Society2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
Soul Beliefs: Causes and Consequences2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
Moralities of Everyday Life2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
How to Change the World2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
History of the Slave South2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
Introduction to Philosophy2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
The Modern and the Postmodern2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Constitutional Law2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Understanding the Terrorist Threat2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Mega Events: Inside the Winter Olympics2014-01-27Englishcanvas.net
Corpus linguistics: method, analysis, interpretation2014-01-27EnglishFutureLearn
Spanish MOOC2014-01-13SpanishSpanishMOOC
ColWri2.2x: Principles of Written English2014-01-23EnglishEdX
Stunt Writing for Personal Growth2014-01-27Englishcanvas.net
Calculus: Single Variable2014-01-10EnglishCoursera
Games without Chance: Combinatorial Game Theory2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
Initiation à la théorie des distributions2014-01-20FrenchCoursera
Calculus One2014-01-24EnglishCoursera
An Introduction to Functional Analysis2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
UT.5.01x: Linear Algebra - Foundations to Frontiers2014-01-29EnglishEdX
Physics and Earth Studies
粒子世界探秘 Exploring Particle World2014-01-01ChineseCoursera
Global Sustainable Energy: Past, Present and Future2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Energy, the Environment, and Our Future2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Sustainability, society and you2014-01-06EnglishFutureLearn
Climate Change in Four Dimensions2014-01-07EnglishCoursera
Galaxies and Cosmology2014-01-13EnglishCoursera
How Things Work 12014-01-13EnglishCoursera
Energy 1012014-01-13EnglishCoursera
Introduction to Water2014-01-13EnglishJanux
Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources2014-01-13EnglishJanux
Physical Geology for Science and Engineering Majors2014-01-13EnglishJanux
PHYS_102x: Electricity & Magnetism2014-01-13EnglishEdX
Climate change: challenges and solutions2014-01-13EnglishFutureLearn
Astronomy: Discovering the Universe (IntAstro)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Basic Physics (BascPhys)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Climate Change (ClimChng)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
Water in a Thirsty World (WITW)2014-01-13Englishopen2study
基礎光學 I (Introduction to Optics I)2014-01-15ChineseCoursera
Introduction to Sustainability2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life2014-01-20EnglishCoursera
Analyzing the Universe2014-01-21EnglishCoursera
The Age of Sustainable Development2014-01-21EnglishCoursera
Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must be Avoided2014-01-27EnglishCoursera
Intro to Sustainability2014-01-27Englishcanvas.net
Professional Development
M101J: MongoDB for Java Developers2014-01-06English10gen
M101JS: MongoDB for Node.js Developers2014-01-13English10gen
Statistics and Data Analysis
Computing for Data Analysis2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Computational Methods for Data Analysis2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Unpredictable? Randomness, Chance and Free Will2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Bioinformatic Methods I2014-01-06EnglishCoursera
Einführung in die Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung2014-01-06Germaniversity
Statistical Reasoning for Public Health: Estimation, Inference, & Interpretation2014-01-21EnglishCoursera
Statistical Learning 2014-01-21EnglishStanford@openEdX
Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment2014-01-25EnglishCoursera
Information Visualization MOOC2014-01-28Englishivmooc

Friday, December 13, 2013

Saying goodbye to the MOOC year of 2013

Another wonderful year of MOOCs is ending leaving a footprint in the history of higher education and lives of many learners.
Here are some of the important MOOC events of 2013:
But MOOCs are not just another type of online courses to help one to gain free knowledge or enhance one's career; it's a massive community of learners from all over the world. There are many google+  and Facebook  groups either started out as a course mini-forums where discussion continues even after the course ends, or more generic ones, that unite MOOC enthusiasts, critics, professional educators, and student;
and  in addition, the lovely  Coursera Cafe  -  a warm place for MOOC friends to share innovative ideas, favorite books, music, art, and good jokes, to celebrate the holidays, and lighten up dreary work days. 

TopFreeClasses (TFC) are proud to be part of the MOOC community helping learners  find classes, share opinions, and get updated on  MOOC news. In 2013 TFC had visitors from all continents, 87% went to class, and the majority was interested in Computer Science.

TFC users by continent(%) TFC users: Top 10 countries

Top 10 course pages visited Top 10 searches
An Introduction to Interactive Python @coursera python
Learn to Program: The Fundamentals @coursera video
Introduction to Databases @OpenEdx java
Introduction to Computer Science @udacity finance
Algorithms, Part 1 @coursera statistics
Machine Learning @coursera history
Web Development @udacity android
Financial Engineering and Risk Management @coursera psychology
Calculus One @coursera algorithms
Learn Spanish with DuoLingo @duolingo machine learning

Thank you, dear moocers, for using  TFC, for your sincere reviews, and desire to learn.  

January 2014 is going to erupt with more than 190 courses  from “ Introduction to Forensic Science”  to “Principles of Economics with Calculus” to “How to Change the World”.  We will post the list of January courses soon.
Happy Learning and Happy New Year, everybody!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What is the world is MOOC?

With the option of online courses, the reality of sky rocketing tuition fees and huge auditorium lecture halls is less appealing. Thousands of people are trading in the brick and mortar education experience for the virtual classroom and are attending online classes to gain skills to become competitive applicants in today’s economy. The new developments in education like MOOCs (massive open online class), interactive user highly participatory forums for educators and students, are changing the face of education in recent years. However, there is no consensus on the real impact of MOOCs on education except that it’s breaking down educational trends as we know them. Conferences for MOOC providers, like the recent MOOCs and Copyright Management Conference on December 6th, are becoming commonplace as people are interested in discussing and investigating how MOOCs are changing education. There has been incredible media coverage of MOOCs and high praise. They are being called the most important education technology in the past 200 years, but only time will tell how revolutionary MOOCs will be in education and business. Stanford’s Dr. Keith Devlin recently wrote an article about how Silicon Valley is affected by MOOCs.

TopFreeClasses sorts and organizes online courses from nine different sources into a user friendly guide for people interested in exploring and joining the world of the virtual classroom. Before you jump right into this world, TopFreeClasses helps shape your experience to be the most positive one possible.
It’s easy to choose a class that suits your specific needs and wants. On the site you can browse the different categories of classes that range from liberal arts, computer science, to business, and more and have multiple languages of instruction. If one sounds interesting, you can select it and read more information about the class. When reading about the classes, there is a synopsis with a brief description of the class, as well as the university this class and instructor are affiliated with and a link to the direct source. On this page it’s also possible to read reviews about the course from people like you and see similar classes offered from a multitude of MOOC providers, seeing other classes offered in a series or similar classes offered by different educational sources. TopFreeClasses also breaks down the basics about the course like the start date of the class, the duration, the approximate workload, the level, and if it’s possible to earn a certificate. This information will help the student find the right MOOCs that fit their unique schedule.

MOOCs are not just for college-aged students looking for an alternative to college, but really anyone who are life long learners, either looking to expand their knowledge for personal or professional growth. Most users are highly educated individuals and are enrolled to develop competencies, but people from every walk of like are joining in. Sharing is another great feature to utilize on this site, either between your friends or professional network, and social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, and google+ are built in to help you do this. The reviews of the courses show you how others experience with the course were, and help you decide if it’s a good fit for you and your schedule.

This shift in education towards the virtual realm enables students to take top university classes without even being admitted as a student.  American universities are world renowned because of its superior quality and year after year dominate the list of the top rated universities. Top American universities acceptance rates are getting smaller and smaller, with some accepting less than 7% of the students that applied. As it’s harder to get into these schools, it’s become easier to take MOOCs offered by these famous institutions. These MOOCs are funded by these top schools as a kind of brand extension and are aimed at widening participation. It’s possible to take part in an interactive user forum environment while learning curriculum designed by instructors from these world class universities but not have to pay the hefty tuition fees. Formal agreements between universities, like OpenUpEd, a pan European MOOC provider, are collaborating and designing interesting and innovative curriculum. and the shift from individuals to the corporate education market has begun. Also accreditation is grappling with the changes, and more certificates for MOOC completion are emerging.

In this difficult job market today, gaining education and skills are vital to get an edge against competition and there’s no better place than MOOCs. More students today are non-traditional students, with commitments that do not allow time in an actual classroom. Employers are looking for people with the skills to complete the tasks needed and taking online courses will give you the knowledge to begin. Several of the key factors holding students back from completing degree programs are the difficult rigid structure of classes and the excessive tuition costs. Many of the MOOCs do not have the long prerequisite lists that most educational institutions have, and there are no formal entry requirements. It’s possible to test out the course and not loose out on expensive fess if it can’t be completed, however TopFreeClasses help form your expectations of the courses so MOOC completion rate is going up. Not being able to afford the ever rising tuition costs will not hold students back in this age of MOOCs, as an online education can help make yourself more marketable and improve your employment prospects.

With TopFreeClasses, you can get connected with classes that suit your situation and receive an education on your own terms, may it be a rural location in the US or abroad, but still be able to take classes from top tier American education institutions. It’s an extraordinary thing that these universities can now reach more people all over the world, and TopFreeClasses has helped that happen. 

To learn more about MOOCs, to see the courses' schedule, or share your opinion about the class please visit http://www.topfreeclasses.com/