Sunday, June 2, 2013

Highlights of Summer 2013 MOOCs

It's summer time!
Whether you're traveling or spending  time outdoor  take a MOOC with you.
Unlock  "Archaeology's Dirty Little Secrets" with Professor Sue Alcock of  Brown University to  find out  "how and why archaeologists hunt for “treasures”, what happens with the archaeological discoveries, who pays for archaeological work, what can we know and not know about people in the past, what archaeologists know about the past but not telling us, what archaeologist’s greatest fear is,  why  people are entirely willing to murder each other over the fate of archaeological sites, and whether Real Men are capable of discovering the truth behind all this". The course starts on June 3rd on coursera

Learn about color, texture, tone, get inspired by the work of famous artists to make your own "Fantastic Art" in "Introduction to Art: Concepts & Techniques" with  Anna Divinsky of PennState. While aimed for beginners, the course  attracted many experienced artists, giving the opportunity to learn from each other, and discover new talents. Here are just few of thousands of great art pieces  from introduction week.
It started on May 28th,  but the first graded assignment is due June 9th,  and it's so much fun! Hurry up to enroll!

Write a song in "Songwriting" course with Pat Patison of Berklee College of  Music. To get a sense of course assignments take a look at the students' work from previous course offering. . The course starts on July 19th on coursera

Learn a new language with DuoLingo while helping to translate the web. DuoLingo recently added more foreign languages to learn for English speakers as well as English lessons for Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French-speaking students. Here is an informative  review  on DuoLingo's pros and cons  including a great story of   how it was founded and what motivates its staff.

If you're a high-school sophomore or senior, summer could be a good time to prepare for
standardized tests (ACT, SAT). "College Foundations: Reading, Writing, and Math" with David Hennessy, Abraham Biggs, and Charlene Koonin  of  Broward College that starts on June 3rd or "Math Refresher with College Success Tips" with Keith White of Utah Valley University  that starts on June 17th on  canvas network  could be helpful to mastering the subject and achieving confidence.

Take a Computers Science course this summer. Why? Kirk McDonald, the president of PubMatic, an ad tech company in Manhattan, previously, the president of digital for Time Inc. explains it well in his "Sorry, College Grads, I Probably Won't Hire You" The Wall Street Journal 's article.
The best place to start with gentle introduction to Computer Science and grow in your own pace is Udacity. Two new  MOOCs  from San Jose State University " Introduction to Programming in Java" and "Introduction to Psychology" are starting on June 3rd

Students who have  prior programming experience and are interested in developing mobile applications may find useful  following courses: "Startup Engineering" with Balaji S. Srinivasan and Vijay S. Pande of Stanford University "where over the course of the class, students will build a command line application, expose it as a web service, and then link other students applications and services together to build an HTML5 mobile app." that starts on June 17th ,  "Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps" with Marco Gillies, Matthew Yee-King and Mick Grierson of University of London  that starts on June 10th on coursera , or Harvard's "Computer Science E-76: Bulding Mobile Applications" through opencourseware

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Happy summer break, dear moocsters, and happy learning too!