Saturday, April 6, 2013

Highlights of April 2013 MOOCs

67 free, online college courses start in April 2013 on coursera, venture-lab, canvas, open2study, openlearning, education.10gen, class2go.uwa, edx, and caltech, including new ones from world-renowned educators and industry professionals:

Berklee College of Music  has been offering free online music lessons via a   Berklee Shares program since 2003 and is the first music institution to join coursera.
"Introduction to Guitar"  with  Thaddeus Hogarth  is a beginner's course that will teach you "the fundamentals that you need to get you playing  and keep you playing," [1] using either an acoustic or electric guitar.  You can preview the lessons or download the free guitar playing handbook here. More advanced students will benefit from "Introduction to Improvisation" with six-time Grammy Award winner Gary Burton. Both courses start on April 22nd.

open2study or "Aussie Coursera" is a new MOOC's platform from Open Universities Australia [1]. Starting classes include  "Introduction to Nursing in Healthcare" , "Writing for the Web", "Principles of Project Management", and other career-oriented, 4-week MOOCs  from a range of institutions. The thoughtful course design  -"a mixture of six to ten minute videos, animations, simulations and quizzes, designed using high production values" [2], open forums, and a “Where could this take me?“ section that links each course to its related career could be a winning recipe in online education.

NovoEd (re-branded Venture Lab) from Stanford's professors is based on "collaboration,
project, and team-based learning." [3] Seven courses will be offered this spring
including courses on Entrepreneurship:
"Mobile Health Without Borders"  focuses on "cost-effective health care solutions using ever-expanding mobile technologies" and explores opportunities for entrepreneurship in health care.
"Technology Entrepreneurship" teaches the secrets of Silicon Valley start-ups,
"the process, technology entrepreneurs use to start companies, how to take an idea to finding a high-potential commercial opportunity", gather resources,  sell and market the idea, and manage rapid growth. To get inspired, check out students' projects from past course offerings.

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