Thursday, March 21, 2013

MOOC Universe Continues to Expand

The year 2013 is truly the year of MOOC explosion. We have analyzed the class launch schedule by major course providers like Coursera, eDX, Udacity, etc. In the first four months of this year they launched more than ten times more courses than in the same period of 2012.

The graph below shows the number of MOOCs started per month.

The number of students seems to be growing even faster. We don't have the combined statistics, but Coursera alone claims to have more than 3 million users[1]. For comparison, Stanford University has about 18 thousand students[2].

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Highlights of March 2013 MOOCs

50 free online courses start in March 2013 on coursera, edx, udacity, and canvas
including some of the favorites:

Harvard's Justice with Michael J. Sandel 
is quite popular on the Web and among Harvard's students. The course will be offered  on edx platform starting March 12th 2013. You will be challenged with hard moral dilemmas, rethinking your beliefs, participating into debates about human rights, same-sex marriage, the role of markets, and other controversial topics.
Preview the lectures on Justice site or itunes , signup for the class, and join the community of critical thinkers.

Udacity's Introduction to Computer Science with David Evans 
is celebrating one year anniversary  and adding 3 new units on March 11th 2013.[1]
Step-by-step you will learn fundamental programming concepts and build a functional search engine in Python  as the end result.
Udacity's courses are self-paced, you can join the community of udacians at any time and even earn a certificate. If English is not your native tongue, udacity's lectures have captions in 40 languages!

Functional Programming Principles in Scala with Martin Odersky is full version of EPFL course for those "who are interested in understanding the basics behind programming
language semantics and how to apply this knowledge in writing and reasoning about clear, elegant programs to solve problems" [2] Scala programming language is used by companies like LinkedIn, Twitter, Guardian, Sony, Siemens, and many others to develop commercial software and production systems.
First offered in Fall 2012 on coursera, it had one of the highest completion rates for MOOCs and great number of certificates with distinction. "9,593 students successfully completed the course and earned a certificate of completion— that’s an incredible 20% of students,  which blows the average 10% rate of completion for MOOCs out of the water."[3]
The course is offered again on coursera starting March 25th 2013.

To  see a  Combined List of Free Online Courses that start in March 2013,  read reviews for these and many other MOOCs,  or share your opinion about free online courses visit